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When you contact me what information is collected ?

If you complete my contact form or email me with an order or query, I collect and hold your email address for the purposes of communicating with you. 

What do I do with your information ?

I use your information to conduct any transaction that has been initiated by you, such as an enquiry or order. 

Do I use cookies ?

Yes, cookies are small transfer files that capture and remember small bits of information to recognize your return to the site or remember items you have purchased. Your web browser will give you the option of blocking cookies but that does not prevent you visiting this website.

Do I disclose your information to anyone else ?

No.  I do not sell your information or trade it for any reason, nor do I pass information for marketing or advertising purposes. I will only release your information if and when required to do so by law.

How do I protect children ?

The website is aimed at an audience of 18 years or older. However, I believe that there is nothing on this website that could be considered unsuitable for minors to see or read. 

Anything else ?

Nothing from me but please feel free to pass on this web address to your friends.