Happy 2019 !

May this year bring new happiness, achievements and a lot of new inspiration for your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness.

May you have a great journey to your destination. Happy 2019 !

Now that we've got that over with, I want to talk about art and dopamines. No, I haven't been drinking.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

Semir Zeki, a Neurobiologist and University College London Professor has found that gazing at a work of art can literally have the same physiological effect as being in a passionate love affair.

When viewing particulary pleasing works of art, the feel-good chemical, dopamine is triggered and surges into the frontal cortex of the brain, resulting in feelings of intense pleasure.


Professor Zeki conducted a series of brain-mapping experiments on volunteers as they looked at twenty eight, carefully selected artworks.

Of the artworks that the volunteers considered beautiful, the reaction was immediate. There was increased blood flow to the areas of the brain that are usually associated with romantic love and desire.

The research suggests that art could be used to increase the welfare and mental health of the general public and should be protected from budget cutbacks.

Previous research has shown that art can reduce suffering in hospitals and lead to speedier recoveries from ill health.

As I just spent a short stint in a hospital, I think it's time I had a word in my consultant's ear !