Gallery Representation


Smoke No Fire

Abstract on canvas, inspiration drawn from my travels to Iceland.

I still feel new to the art world, in terms of trying and experimenting with different techniques. I am constantly searching for that elusive style that I can fall in love with, assuming that is, that I ever will.

Maybe I will forever be that experimental artist, always pushing the boundaries and challenging myself to more, perhaps a little bit like a gypsy, seduced by wanderlust and the freedom it affords, to go where I please and not where I'm told or expected to go.

When I approach anyone for representation it is with high hopes and low expectations, so I was delighted when I was accepted this month by a gallery in the UK.

I certainly don't feel that I'm going to conquer the art world anytime soon but it has definitely boosted my confidence up a few notches and with my dogged determination to succeed, I hope to progress in leaps and bounds or is that lurch forward?

Are you gallery represented and what was your story?