The Land of Fire and Ice

If this island doesn't inspire you, I really don't know what will.

In December, the three of us journeyed to Iceland. It was a treat for my love and I split the cost 50/50 with his brother who came with us.

It's a once in a lifetime experience. It's one of the few places in Europe where the land has not been corrupted. You'll discover nature as you've never seen her before.

Glaciers cover over eleven percent of the country and the water is the purest you will ever drink. 1000 years old and that's straight from the tap. That is nothing like drinking from the glacier itself.

Visual Escapism - Flower of Fire and Through the Plughole Collage

Visual Escapism - Flower of Fire and Through the Plughole Collage

There are no mosquitoes, it's home to two continents - Europe and America and snorkel between the tectonic plates I did, even though it was only 2 degrees celcius.

They believe in Elves and after visiting, so do I. Iceland’s Huldufólk are everywhere – hiding behind rocks, under waterfalls, and even in glaciers and volcanoes. Their formidable brethren, trolls, are harder to spot as they only come out when it’s dark. Legend has it that many of the startling rock formations you see around the country are trolls caught out in the open by the rising sun - once hit by its rays they were instantly turned to stone.

Finally, there are no McDonald's or strip clubs. It's a classy place, no question.