Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

I was absolutely floored when my niece told me she was doing a whirwind tour of Europe and would be in the UK for a couple of days and could we catch up?

It was surreal, having not seen her for 10 years! Engaged now to a great guy even if he is scared of heights (pussy).

We dragged them about London at a feverish pace and the Tower Bridge was one landmark on my hitlist.

Most of us walked across the spectacular glass floor across the high-level Walkways. A stunning and slightly unnerving view of London life, from 42 metres above the River Thames!

Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

The Walkways also offer stunning panoramic views of London for those too jittery to look below.

Looking down we spied red London buses whizzing over the Bridge, while unsuspecting pedestrians strolled below. River vessels sailed under us and we had the magical experience of the bascules being raised beneath our feet but even if you missed that, you could download the app "Raise the bridge", which we had done but never used.

The glass floor measures 11 metres long and 1.8 metres wide and consist of panels weighing 530 kilograms each! Wow! A magnificent feat of engineering.

I'll miss you gorgeous.