Titanium Art

My third foray into aviation art is no less than a Concorde Engine Blade! It certainly is a spectacular piece of Rolls-Royce engineering.

Thanks to Sir Frank Whittle, I not only have these amazing titanium Concorde engine blades but also the world has turbine engines on their aircraft today.

All the blades that I use in my art have been in service on a British Airways Concorde. Some of the colours are muted, some are quite dramatic. Patterns and colours are deliberately and carefully coaxed to produce unique patterns and colouring.

I have to admit, they look amazing and far better than I ever expected. Not only are they a beauty to behold but wonderfully tactile. As these were in service, you can run your fingers over the blade and you may feel in places where there are slight scratches or bumps to the metal, this could have been where it came into contact with ice for example.

They are finished off by painstakingly polishing the blades to a mirror finish. They are displayed on a lucite pedestal with a sterling silver hallmarked information label wrapped around its base.

Each blade is a limited edition, unique piece of art and matched to the pedestal it rests upon with each blade bearing my registered logo and hallmark applied by the London Assay office.

Titanium Art - Concorde Engine Blades Collage

Titanium Art - Concorde Engine Blades Collage