Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

It's been one hell of a time hasn't it? Let's see ... Brexit, wow, now that was clever. Ok, moving on, there's a new President in America ... Donald Trump. Who saw that one coming?

So what about you? Ok. Fess up. 2016 has all but blasted by you. All the great made plans you had, the best intentions. So, how did it all pan out for you?

If you're brave enough, tell us what you did and didn't manage to achieve here. No judgements. Just a group of like minded great dreamers, with high expectations and average to low delivery if we are honest.

Personally, I did not achieve even close to half of what was on my list but what I managed to undertake and complete, well, yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.

Don't beat yourself up if it didn't quite pan out the way you wanted. There's always next year.

Take a well deserved breather, congratulate yourself and prepare to shake down 2017!

Have a great one everybody and keep safe.