The Magic of Lucite

From time to time, a commission will come along that allows me to have fun. Such was the case with this residential refurbishment and interior design project, however, it didn't start that way. It was a challenge to make a small and dark foyer look airy, light and spacious.

A complete refurb and major repairs and replacements were required to the entire property, inside and out, with emphasis on the foyer for that 'WOW' factor when you entered.

Once I decided I was going to incorporate lucite with the existing timber work for the staircase it proved to be quite a challenge but I do love how it has opened up the staircase and entrance hall.


The use of acrylic allows sunlight to play along the spindles length and refract a myriad of rainbow colours and when the sun goes down, artificial light dances across the surface of the highly polished spiral lucite, creating a mesmerising effect. It’s lightweight, yet strong and shatterproof.

Was it easy ? Anthing but! Lucite is a tremendously versatile material but it is unforgiving and any errors are immediately apparent. If you ever think of working with lucite, think twice, prepare carefully and take your time.

The conclusion, a damaged, neglected foyer has been transformed into an elegant and beautiful entrance.