What's on Your Wishlist ?


The Artist's Wishlist

As an artist, have you ever wished that you would find new paintbrushes or paint colours in your stocking? There are people that want the latest iphone or whatever the latest craze is, well I want to upgrade my passion as well.

The first four at least have nothing to do with material obsessions, sorry, possessions but that would make me deliriously happy even if I had no tools at all.

  1. To see my sister and her family in Australia
  2. For a world without hate, torture and murder
  3. Where all animals are protected and/or respected, kindness doesn't cost
  4. A laser machine. I know which one I want and the size and it will just squeeze into my studio with a bit of re-designing. Haven't told that bit to other half yet .... Saving my pennies.
  5. A power carver! The sexiest, coolest, most remarkable tool on the planet.

I don't suppose I'll ever find either of those in my Christmas stocking but one day ...

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyous time and may your heartfelt wishes come true.