Bring Back the 60's

If you remember the 60's you really weren't there.

Riding on the success of the retro lighting I created at the beginning of the year, I was asked to come up with some 60's inspired lighting.

Much of this decade was about bright colours, groovy designs and music that came out of London.

Kaleidosphere borrows its inspiration from the 60's. Bright, fun and funky, it's a delight for kids....big and small.

Constructed of multiple layers of hand cut, triangular, brightly coloured, woven wood paper.

60's Inspired Lighting Collage

60's Inspired Lighting Collage

'Electrum' has been carefully created to give the illusion of flowing gold and silver.

Layered with almost two thousand delicate pennants of textured, silvery coated foil, that gently shimmer in the air and transform into warm gold when illuminated.