Initial Forays

Upon retiring from consultant work, I decided it was time to throw myself wholeheartedly into what has always been a love of mine .... art.

Introverted as a child, from a dysfunctional family (who doesn't have one?), I would spend hours sketching under the tree in our front garden while other kids would .... go and do kid things.

So I left a well paid contract and went to pursue art, excited and nauseous, realising I didn't really know what kind of art I wanted to do.

Sheer luck intervened when I was asked to produce some budget, bespoke, retro pendant lights. I jumped at the opportunity even though I had never made a pendant light anything before.

I think I spent the first week or so thinking what I would make, how to make it and make it affordable.

So it began with numerous card stock colours, rice paper, a guillotine, bandaids and plenty of patience.

Despite, the small loss of blood, less patience than I would have enjoyed, I was surprised at how effective and striking they wound up looking and obviously delighted they were well liked by not only me.

Seventies inspired retro pendant lighting. Light and airy, conveying freedom of expression and style, a reflection of what was happening at that time in society.

The result; hundreds of carefully cut pennants, crafted into chic pendant lights.