Vintage Ink Bottle Glow in the Dark Night Light 3 of 16

Vintage Ink Bottle Glow in the Dark Night Light 3 of 16


Vintage Antique Hand-Blown Glass Ink Bottle

For those with a passion for English antique and vintage items

Features :

Octagonal vintage glass ink bottle

Gold and silver gilding leaf flakes in suspension

Gilded rope

Authentic, unique, antique and vintage home decor

Circa 1880 to 1920

Swirl and shake for a pretty keepsake.

Approx Dimensions :

Height : 55mm  Diameter : 40mm

Shown illuminated.


I'm cute, what about me?

How To Charge Your Vintage Glow in the Dark Ink Bottle

These bottles must be charged by shining a light source on the product to achieve an optimum glow in the dark effect! The brighter the light source the better the glow. Also, when you take a glow in the dark product away from a source of light, it will slowly release the light that it has captured. As time passes, it will get dimmer until it is again recharged. The ink bottle glows (or is discharging) all of the time. The glow just can’t be seen in bright light. So, the quicker you go from light to dark, the more likely you are to see the “super bright” initial glow. Understanding this may help to overcome problems. To get the maximum glow in the dark, display your Vintage ink bottle in an area that is as close to total darkness during the night as possible. Ambient light around or near it will interfere with the glow and make it seem dimmer than what it actually is. The darker the night-time surroundings are the better.

  • Direct Sunlight – This is not a bulb but is the best for charging phosphorescent material. For best results, pick a location that receives unobstructed exposure to direct sunlight, all the way to sunset.

  • Fluorescent bulbs and energy saving bulbs will also charge to a good effect glow but will take longer to achieve.