Concorde Water Glasses


It all started when...

I had just acquired a new toy, a 60W laser machine and a friend of mine at the time, asked me design a Concorde in-flight and laser etch it onto some Concorde water glasses he had in his possession.

Laser engraving anything onto glass that contains lead can be a pain in the glass. The problems with lead is that it retains heat really well, too well actually for a CO2 laser.

As glass is engraved, the surface is heated as the laser beam blasts away tiny glass particles. If the glass is unable to cool down quickly, as is sometimes the case with glass containing lead, the etchings expand and can produce a distorted look. Ask me how I know this!

Fortunately, there are tricks around this problem and I was able to reliably repeat the design onto a number of glasses for him and then finish them off by designing a presentation box to protect and complement them.

If you would like to learn more or buy them, they are available from Concorde Memorabilia and are the perfect collectable and gift.

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