Concorde 'Flying' Sculpture Table

Concorde 'Flying' Sculpture Table


A unique lucite sculpture incorporating a rare Concorde engine flange.

Suspended 'in flight' by three artistically designed acrylic legs that stylise the vortices that could be seen over the leading edge of the delta wings. 

A stylised Concorde in flight is engraved on each lucite leg of the table.


A composite creation of lucite and precision engineered steel immortalised into a sculptural occasional table.

Signed by the artist and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

Materials :

Lucite, high grade steel flange from a Rolls-Royce Olympus turbo jet engine 593-610, British Airways Concorde.

Approximate dimensions :

Concorde Flange : Diameter 240mm Height 120mm

Table :  Height 400mm

Table Top :  Diameter 430mm  Thickness 25mm