Concorde Engine Blade 1 of 20 Issue 1

Concorde Engine Blade 1 of 20 Issue 1


Each titanium Concorde engine blade is treated to a flame anodised finish.

By doing so I control the pattern and colouring during application making each blade entirely unique.

The blade is displayed on a transparent lucite pedestal with a sterling silver hallmarked  information label wrapped around the base.

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The blade is one of a limited edition, an individual piece of art and matched to the pedestal it rests upon with each blade bearing my registered logo applied by the London Assay Office.

Carefully boxed and protected, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, an authentic Concorde portfolio detailing specifications along with a Concorde in flight photograph.

Materials :

Titanium, lucite, hallmarked sterling silver.

Dimensions :

Blade leading edge length : 120mm

Blade overall length : 140mm

Blade width : 42mm

Pedestal height : 60mm

Pedestal diameter : 40mm

Mounted height : 95mm